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You wake up from the Crimson Dream.

HibouRogue is a turn-based roguelike in ascii made in two months for a self-imposed challenge. You can explore the dungeon, fight monsters, make use of your items and equipment to sort out difficult situations, beat the final boss and get the high score.

You can find 70 items (including scrolls, potions and equipments) and fight up to 16 different types of monsters.

How to play:

  • ARROW KEYS (or hjkl) to move around and attack
  • g : pick up items from the ground
  • i  : open inventory and use items
  • d : drop an item from the inventory
  • f : use items directly from the ground
  • r : use a potion/healing trophy without having to open the inventory
  • ? : for more controls

Beware that you can't use diagonals but the monsters can.

You can look with the mouse and some spells requires the mouse to choose a target or an area to target.


My twitter

I can be reached at hibou@acdcfan.com, please submit bugs if you find any (with a screenshot showing the problem, if that's possible). Maybe also suggestions ? The game and my challenge is done but i might come back to it to add content (and maybe the story one day)

Change in 1.2:

  • Lots of Bug fixes (notably two big ones in effect calculations and element resistance calculations.)
  • The code is more solid and stable now.
  • Tweaked the balance, the game should be a little more challenging.
  • Added 5 new spells
  • There's now a persistent HighScore saved in a profile.sav when you beat the game.
  • There's now stats in the final score screen, you can see how many of each monsters you killed.

Change in 1.1:

  • Corrected a bug making Sleipnir appear again after defeating him
  • Corrected a bug when monsters killed with the "confused" status were not considered dead for the next turn (could cause a rare crash)


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There is "Moutarde de Dijon" in the game, so you should definetely buy it, plus it's a very cool game.